Success Stories


A mother of 3 daughters has been using Natural Fat Burner to loss weight. Within 2 months she has lost 12.6kg only by making detox drink and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are truly happy that the program has helped her to achieve her weight goals.





‘I never expected that I could lose weight this much’. A cup of detox drink every morning and night has helped him to achieve what he has been dreaming of. It is really easy if you understand your body better





The infused water recipe that has helped her are Bentong Ginger, lemon and cucumber. Easy peasy to make and just enjoy the result !





Fasting is good, especially when you are on a diet. It helps you to control sugar and carbohydrate intake. Also the natural fat burner will help you burn the calories faster.






Combined Bentong Ginger + Lemon + Tea for detox to burn the fats and metabolism coffee before going to the gym to boost up the metabolism has helped her lose 3kg within 10 days






Take Bentong Ginger, Natural Fat Burner to help you in giving that slimmer look than before. You will be amazed with the result.